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Unlike other agencies, our customized PPC campaigns focus on your business goals to deliver long-term ROI, not just quick wins. With our proven methodology and analytics, we’ll help your website dominate the search results for your target keywords in no time.

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Get Your Products in Front of Ready-to-Buy Shoppers

Pay-per-click ads put your products in front of people actively searching for what you sell. Studies show that 50% of shoppers from PPC ads are more likely to buy than those from organic links. More than 75% of them believe that PPC ads make finding information easier.

But, Is Why PPC The Right Marketing Strategy For Your Business?


Here are the benefits Of PPC Advertising: 

  • PPC does not need constant attention
  • Top search results get almost half of all clicks
  • PPC offers better tracking than other marketing techniques
  • Connects with searchers when buying intent is highest
  • Displays your ads and offerings prominently
  • More flexible with adjusting to what works

With over 2 billion online shoppers globally, PPC is essential to stay competitive. More platforms and channels emerge constantly. Partnering with an expert PPC agency positions you for success.

We Become an Extension of Your Marketing Team!

When you choose Raidious, you get more than a faceless PPC agency. You get a trusted partner invested in your long-term success.

Our consultative approach focuses on deeply understanding your business, target customers, and goals. From there, we translate insights into robust PPC strategies tailored to what makes your brand unique.

We also emphasize transparency every step of the way. You’ll get:

• Scheduled Calls: Check-in calls to discuss performance metrics, trends, tests, and optimizations.

• Custom Reporting: Easy-to-digest reports to spotlight wins, opportunities, and quarterly benchmarks.

• Documented Processes: We’ll detail our managed PPC services methodology so you know what happens behind the scenes.

In other words, we become an extension of your team—not an opaque 3rd-party vendor.

Full-Service PPC Management By Professionals!

Our industry-leading PPC management services include:

PPC Campaign Audits

If you already have PPC campaigns running, we’ll perform a comprehensive audit assessing:

• Accounts/Campaign Structure: Are campaigns and ad groups structured effectively?

• Bidding Strategies: Do you have the right bid strategies for each campaign goal?

• Ad Copy Relevance: Do ads speak directly to high-intent visitors?

• Keyword Reach: Are you targeting keywords that drive conversions?

• Landing Page Experience: Do landing pages load fast with clear calls-to-action?

• Overall Performance: How do metrics like CPC, CTR, conversions, and ROI stack up?

From there, we’ll provide strategic recommendations to optimize performance.

Pay-Per-Click Account Setup & Execution

For new accounts, we’ll handle the entire setup process:

• Initial Strategy Call: We’ll dig into your business, goals, targets, metrics, and more to inform strategy.

• Granular keyword Research: We’ll identify the optimal mix of short-tail and long-tail keywords to focus the budget on high-converting search terms.

• Ad Creation: We’ll craft compelling ad copy tailored to each keyword that speaks directly to your ideal customers.

• Campaign Launch: We’ll structure campaigns and ad groups designed for maximum relevance, exposure, and conversion.

• Optimization: We immediately start optimizing based on performance data from metrics like click-through rate, bounce rate, conversion rate, and cost per conversion.

Types of PPC Ads We Have Run For 100+ Businesses!

We deploy your pay-per-click campaigns across multiple high-visibility channels. From Google Search to YouTube Video Ads and the Google Display Network, our specialists determine the best placements to get your marketing message in front of prospective customers exactly when they’re seeking products or services like yours.

We also connect you with additional social media platforms like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and LinkedIn ads to diversify your reach to additional qualified audiences.

Social Media Advertising

Meet your customers where they already spend time online. We create and manage highly targeted ads across leading social platforms to raise awareness and drive conversions for your brand:

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads: Leverage detailed targeting capabilities and the power of newsfeed placements
  • YouTube Video Ads: Connect with audiences through sight, sound and motion before and during video content
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Ads: Engage relevant professionals in your industry with content matched to their interests

Amazon PPC

Grow your sales and visibility on Amazon with our expert advertising and optimization services. We manage Sponsored Products campaigns to promote your listings to interested searchers. We also create high-converting Product Display Ads and video ads to engage shoppers.

With AI-powered tools, we maximize keywords, refine negative keywords, structure Amazon ads by product category, and make data-driven spending adjustments to drive conversions and ROI.

Google Ads and Bing Ads

➡ Search Network Advertising

Capture consumers exactly when they search for services like yours on Google Search and Bing. We run targeted paid search campaigns optimized to drive conversions across devices. This includes:

  • Keyword research for high-volume, high-intent queries
  • Timely ads with relevant messaging matched to search terms
  • Mobile-friendly landing pages that move searchers down the funnel

Carefully crafted search ads timed to user intent help you attract more quality leads.

➡ Google Display Network Advertising

Reach more potential customers with display and banner ads across Google’s extensive network of partner sites, videos, and mobile apps.

We help you:

  • Target your ads based on contextual signals and past user actions
  • Remarket to visitors after they leave your website
  • Test different ad variations to improve performance

Blanketing the display network expands brand visibility among receptive users who are not yet searching for you directly.

Nextdoor Local Advertising

Tap into hyperlocal advertising on Nextdoor. We craft relevant neighborhood ads, claim and manage your business page, and create dedicated landing pages for conversions. Then, we monitor performance and optimize for even better results over time.

Remarketing PPC Campaigns

It often takes multiple brand exposures before a conversion occurs. That’s why our remarketing reengages visitors after they leave your site, whether through Google/Facebook ads or cookies for display network targeting. This top-of-mind presence keeps your business on visitors’ consideration lists as they get closer to making a purchase decision, driving additional conversions over an extended time frame. 

ROI-Focused PPC Management Tailored to Your Goals

As Premier Google Partners, we utilize the most advanced analytics to inform our strategic PPC decisions. Our methodology revolves around understanding your KPIs and aligning each campaign to exceed them.

For example, one client aimed to drive more phone calls from their Google Ads. So, we developed call-only ads optimized specifically around high-intent keywords.

This laser focus on ROI means we only run campaigns destined to deliver value. If the data shows a campaign isn’t working, we reassess.

We also customize management intensity based on your budget and targets. A sampling of services includes:


  • Optimization checks
  • Bid adjustments
  • Reporting


  • New ad testing
  • Keyword research
  • Campaign analysis
  • Strategy calls


  • Comprehensive audits
  • Remarketing resets
  • Seasonal adjustments

In other words, you get year-round continuous PPC campaign management tailored to your brand’s needs.

We also emphasize transparency, auditor rights, and documented processes so you remain fully aware of the factors influencing your PPC presence!

We Offer Unparalleled Analytics for Deeper Insights

Our PPC analytics tools gather hundreds of data points to:

• Pinpoint Top-Converting Keywords and Ads: So you double down on what works.

• Discover New Keyword Opportunities: We find unused, high-converting search terms so you get to find more.

• Uncover Optimization Areas: Such as low-quality scores and high bounce rates.

• Track Customized KPIs: Go beyond clicks and conversions by connecting campaigns to your unique business goals.

• Compare Performance Trends: We’ll analyze how your PPC metrics progress over each week, month, quarter, and year.

• Document Campaign Changes: Every optimization has a paper trail so you understand why changes occurred.

With such robust analytics, you no longer have to second-guess if your campaigns are reaching their potential. The data reveals opportunities to unlock even more value!

Why Choose Our PPC Advertising Services?

What sets Raidious apart from other PPC marketing agencies? 

For starters, our 92% client retention rate speaks volumes. 

But here are a few other standout reasons to choose our pay-per-click marketing services:

Premier Google Partner Status

As a Premier Google Partner, Google recognizes us as a top 3% PPC management agency skilled at unlocking the full potential of their advertising platform. This coveted status is awarded to partners demonstrating proven excellence in guiding clients to paid search success. It highlights our optimization expertise.

10+ Years Specializing in PPC

With over a decade solely dedicated to mastering pay-per-click advertising, our specialists breathe and live this marketing channel. We’ve profitably handled thousands of PPC marketing campaigns spanning every major industry. Our years focused explicitly on paid search, which means we accelerate conversions.

Always Learning Cutting-Edge Tactics

We proactively stay ahead of trends by continually training team members on emerging PPC solutions. From new Google Ads capabilities and bid strategies to expanded targeting options on social, our continuing PPC education ensures we can drive performance by leveraging the latest search innovations.

Brand-Aligned Creative Campaigns

We build customized PPC advertising campaigns to relay your unique brand voice and purpose creatively. Powerful ad copy, visuals, and displays sequenced to the buyer’s journey engage your audiences while achieving KPIs. Our compelling creative oversight means your brand shines through the metrics.

Transparent Consultants Focused on Growth

Our honest yet supportive PPC guidance rooted in analytics aims to push ROI higher over months and years – not just initially. And we align optimization recommendations thoughtfully to your long-term goals. So, consider our PPC specialists who lead collaboration, propelling stronger results together, not vendors focused on quick sales.

Grow Faster with Raidious: Success Stories

Still unsure if Raidious’ PPC management services deliver? Here are a few examples of the results we’ve achieved for our past clients:

[[ABC Lawyers]]

A boutique law firm was looking to drive more case inquiries in the Los Angeles area. We created a geo-targeted campaign focused on relevant long-tail keywords, resulting in the following:

  • 62% increase in monthly leads
  • 4.2x higher conversion rate
  • 56% lower cost per conversion

[[Johnson Helps]]

A Fortune 500 manufacturer wanted to promote their industrial equipment nationwide. Our display and remarketing ads showcasing specific products led to the following:

  • Over $255k in tracked sales revenue
  • 8,217 product demos requested
  • 14.3% lower cost per click

[[Get It All]]

A startup e-commerce company is aiming to drive more purchases during Q4 holiday sales. Our shopping ads and email capture campaign delivered:

  • 129% more site traffic over the holidays
  • Over 5,000 email signups for future sales
  • 23% increase in holiday sales revenue

And we have dozens more success stories just like these across businesses, big and small.

Our dedicated PPC managers will dig into your goals, build award-worthy campaigns around them, and offer the latest innovations from Google and more.

The result? 

Targeted, cost-effective advertising driving higher conversions when you need them most.

Monthly Management Packages Tailored to Your Business

We offer flexible management plans based on your monthly ad spend and goals. Whether you’re a start-up investing modest funds or an enterprise with a seven-figure budget, our PPC experts design programs around your needs.

Packages start at $1,500 per month, with discounts available for annual contracts. We also offer one-time audits, hourly consulting, and ad hoc campaign launch bundles.

Get in touch for a personalized quote detailing our proposed management plan and associated fees structured around your targets.

As Google Premier Partners, we match industry’s cost-per-click averages so you get elite-level service without inflated prices! 

Let’s Partner to Accelerate Your PPC Performance!

Ready to drive more high-quality website traffic that converts? 

Chat with one of our award-winning PPC managers today for tailored solutions advancing your growth.

We offer free digital strategy calls to understand your brand, assess current campaigns, provide quick wins, and detail a roadmap for leveraging PPC to its fullest.

So whether launching first campaigns or advancing existing ones, Raidious is ready to amplify your ROI through industry-leading pay-per-click advertising management.

Request a free quote now to get started!

FAQs Related to Our PPC Management Services

Still got some questions about our PPC ad campaigns? 

Here, we’ve answered some common questions about our pay per click advertising services: 

How do you generate more leads from paid search campaigns?

We optimize every PPC campaign element – from keywords to ad copy and landing pages – specifically to drive more high-quality leads and conversion actions based on your KPIs.

What optimization tactics improve campaign performance?

We employ ongoing testing and refinements around creativity, keywords, bids, targeting, budget allocations, campaign structure, landing pages, and more to improve campaign results over time steadily.

Why is ongoing PPC management needed?

Continuous fine-tuning is required to keep campaigns performing optimally as Google algorithm changes, seasonality shifts, and new market conditions occur over time.

What common mistakes hurt PPC advertising results?

Poor account structure, ineffective ad copy, inaccurate conversion tracking, outdated landing pages, and improper bid management are common issues that significantly limit campaign success.

What other digital marketing services do you offer? 

In addition to our pay-per-click advertising management services, we also provide full-scope solutions in these key areas to promote online growth:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaigns
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design and Development
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Local SEO Tactics
  • Analytics and Reporting

Our comprehensive digital marketing services work cohesively to attract qualified traffic, nurture engagement, and accelerate conversions and sales. We tailor programs to client goals.

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