Raidious PPC Management Services Guaranteed Alpharetta First Page Rankings

Do you own or manage a small business in Alpharetta? Are you struggling to attract new customers and make yourself visible online? You’re not alone. Thousands of SMBs in Alpharetta face the same problem every day.

The solution? Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

“Really good. Mindflow Marketing has completely surpassed our expectations.”

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PPC Advertising Levels the Playing Field for Alpharetta SMBs

PPC ads allow you to advertise directly to people searching for your products or services in Alpharetta. When done right, PPC can help SMBs:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Generate more leads and sales
  • Expand brand awareness locally
  • Compete with bigger companies

But achieving success takes expertise. Raidious Marketing is Alpharetta’s top data-driven PPC agency. For over 5 years, we have provided customized PPC solutions resulting in guaranteed first-page Google rankings and over 20-30% increases in profits for our clients.

“Since hiring Raidious Marketing 6 months ago, my client calls and new patient bookings have doubled. Their PPC management expertise is unmatched in Alpharetta. I highly recommend them!”

– Dr. Amanda Riley, Riley Dental Associates

Our secret lies in our obsession with data. We conduct rigorous testing on ads, keywords, landing pages, and more to optimize your campaign for maximum ROI. We also stay up-to-date on the latest PPC trends, strategies, and platform updates.

Let’s explore the ins and outs of pay-per-click advertising and how our customized PPC services can help your Alpharetta business get found online

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What is PPC Advertising and How Does It Work?

PPC stands for “pay-per-click” advertising. It refers to sponsored ads displayed on search engines like Google and Bing when people search for keywords related to your business offerings.

You create PPC ad campaigns focused on products, services, or topics to target potential customers. These searchers have already expressed interest by the keywords they entered.

With PPC advertising, you only pay when someone clicks your ad. The amount you pay per click depends on several factors:

  • The competitiveness of the keyword
  • The relevance between the searcher’s query and your ad copy
  • Your past ad performance and landing page experience

Your total budget allocation also plays a role in the bid amount.

Main Components of a PPC Advertising Campaign

An effective PPC campaign contains a few key components working together:

Keywords and Keyphrases

The cornerstone of any PPC campaign. You want to target searches highly relevant to your business using single keywords or multiple-word keyphrases.

For example, a fitness gym may target searches like:

  • gym membership
  • personal trainer
  • spin classes


These contain compelling headlines, detailed descriptions and a clickable display URL. Good ad copy convinces searchers your offering best satisfies their query intent.

Landing Pages

The page you send PPC traffic to after they click your ad. Quality landing pages convince visitors to convert into a lead or customer.

Bidding & Budgets

PPC platforms hold auctions for ad positions when searches happen. Your bid amount determines placement on page 1. Budgets prevent overspending.

Fine-tuning these moving parts is what makes PPC complex to execute effectively. But our certified team specializes in optimizing every campaign component to maximize ROI.

How PPC Advertising Drives Results

Here is the step-by-step process for how your Alpharetta business benefits from PPC ads:

  1. A potential customer performs a search related to your offerings on Google.
  2. Your relevant and convincing PPC ad appears prominently on page 1.
  3. The searcher sees your ad, clicks on it to learn more.
  4. They land on your customized page that persuades them to convert.

This ability to put your message and offers directly in front of motivated prospective buyers is what makes PPC such a versatile lead generation and sales driver.

And remember – with PPC advertising, every aspect is flexible and adjustable to meet your budget and performance goals.

  • Keywords can be paused, bid adjustments made.
  • Ad copy and landing pages can be swapped out and tested.
  • Budgets can scale up or down seamlessly.

You have granular control to optimize your campaign’s profitability.

When managing PPC campaigns for SMBs, we have observed several preventable mistakes made frequently:

Investing Limited Time And Effort

SMB owners often underestimate the involvement required to profit from paid search ads. Proper ongoing management adjusting to market dynamics and searcher behavior changes is crucial for success. Under-optimized campaigns bleed budgets rapidly with few results.

No Conversion Tracking Setup

Many ad platforms provide sophisticated tracking to measure micro and macro conversions. But SMBs fail to implement any monitoring, so determining ROI becomes guesswork. Know precisely how your ads directly impact desired outcomes through event and goal tracking.

Not Separating Brand And Non-Brand Keywords

Conflating branded and non-branded keywords muddles your ability to assess performance accurately. Those searching for your brands specifically convert more easily. Create distinct ad groups and measure them independently.

Using Limited Match Types

Broad match keywords grant the platform leeway to show your ads for searches that may lack relevance to you. Tight keyword control via exact and phrase matching fosters higher quality traffic. Yes, volume may decline but engagement improves dramatically.

No Process For Turning Off Bad Keywords

Rather than quickly pausing poor performing keywords, some leave them active to “give them a chance”. That only wastes the budget better allocated to proven keywords demonstrating viability. Follow a dedicated process for regularly excluding irrelevant and low conversion searches.

Not Testing Ad Copy And Landing Pages

Rigorous split testing reveals the optimal ad creative and post-click landing experiences. But many SMBs set and forget these components even as search intent evolves. Allocate time for ongoing experimentation – it consistently unlocks noticeable performance lifts.

Let Raidious Solve Your PPC Problems

Following paid search best practices tailored for local businesses avoids these common pitfalls that can substantially deflate PPC ROI.

Our managed services enforce processes mitigating risks through well designed and governed campaigns fine-tuned to the realities of operating an SMB in Alpharetta.

With over 600 PPC campaigns worth of experience specifically for small and mid-sized companies, Raidious offers the proven solutions to save you money while growing your business through paid search.

PPC Delivers Unmatched ROI for Alpharetta SMB Marketing

Many local businesses make the mistake of thinking search engine optimization (SEO) alone will solve their online visibility challenges.

While SEO has value, it suffers from a key limitation:

It takes months if not years of effort before you start seeing results.

PPC delivers immediate results. The moment your ads are live, you will:

  • Appear on page 1 for relevant searches
  • Start driving targeted traffic to your site
  • Capture leads and sales opportunities

No waiting around hoping for organic rankings. You get instant gratification along with the flexibility to tweak bids, ads and keywords to maximize your ROI.

And remember – with PPC, you only pay when someone engages with your ad. If they don’t click, it costs you nothing.

Plus, Google and Microsoft provide advanced tracking and analytics so you can measure PPC’s impact and make data-driven decisions about where to allocate budget.

So why do over 81% of search engine users click on PPC ads? Two reasons:

They appear prominently on page 1. PPC ads occupy prime real estate at the top and side of search results.

They satisfy intent. The user explicitly searched for something, so PPC ads that directly address that intent get clicked.

The bottom line? Pay-per-click ads deliver unmatched ROI compared to any other digital marketing channel.

And that makes PPC advertising essential for any business looking to:

  • Get found immediately by potential customers
  • Increase website traffic quickly
  • Capture more leads and sales
  • Compete with bigger brands investing in paid search

But executing an effective PPC strategy takes skill. The rest of this guide will cover how Raidious Marketing’s custom-tailored PPC services can meet these needs for your Alpharetta business so you stand out online.

Keyword Research: The Foundation of Any PPC Strategy

In PPC advertising, keywords trigger your ads. The “right” keywords and keyphrases result in higher click-through-rates (CTR), lower costs per click (CPC) and most importantly – higher conversion rates.

That’s why we invest heavily in exhaustive keyword research for every client. Our process reveals the lowest competition and highest converting keywords that Alpharetta searchers are using to find businesses like yours.

Long-tail Keywords For Hyper-Targeting

We specialize in uncovering long-tail keywords searchers use that contain:

  • Location modifiers (e.g. “alpharetta”, “north fulton county”)
  • Speciality descriptors (e.g. “pediatric”, “emergency”)
  • Brand name mentions (e.g. “therabody”, “looftlighter”)

These reflect commercial intent and help you connect with potential customers at the right time, in the right context.

For example, a Alpharetta chiropractor would target long tails like:

  • top rated chiropractor in alpharetta
  • alpharetta chiropractors for back pain

We then group keywords by themes, match them to landing pages, set initial bids, and monitor performance. Ongoing optimization then improves results over time.

Tools We Use: SEMRush, Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest and internal data aggregated from managing 600+ PPC campaigns.

Going Beyond Just Keywords

Simply targeting keywords isn’t enough anymore. Modern PPC strategy requires a diversified approach across:

  • Keywords
  • Audiences
  • Topics
  • Products

Our comprehensive approach leaves no stone unturned, so you can dominate the first page for any Alpharetta local search query relevant to your business.

Benefit: Laser targeted visibility leading to lower CPC and higher conversions.

Crafting PPC Ads That Convert Searchers Into Buyers

Writing compelling PPC ads is both art and science. Our PPC specialists leverage research proven frameworks along with the experience of running 1000+ ad variations to create ads that stop thumb scrollers in their tracks.

We focus on 3 components:

  1. Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Ad headlines appear bolded in search results, so they make or break CTRs. We A/B test different formats like:

  • Questions – Seeking chronic back pain relief in Alpharetta?
  • Value props – Alpharetta Chiropractor Gets You Pain-Free in Just 1 Visit
  • Direct address – Hey Alpharetta! We Fix Back Pain Fast

This reveals what resonates most with your audience so we double down on the winner.

  1. Detailed Ad Copy

The description elaborates on your headline value prop for the few searchers that read further. We maximize real estate by addressing buyer intents and pain points.

For example, the chiropractor may target fears of addiction with pharmaceuticals or losing mobility from untreated back pain.

  1. Display URLs

The clickable URL is invaluable but underutilized real estate. We insert keywords like location for extra synergy with the headline and ad copy.

Benefit: Significantly higher click-through rates, lower cost-per-click, and ultimately increased conversions.

Optimized Landing Pages: Complete The Conversion Journey

You captured a promising lead. Don’t lose them now with a poor landing page experience.

Our full in-house web design team structures persuasive landing pages matched to your keywords and PPC ads. Goal-oriented copy combined with social proof elements convince visitors to convert.

We also build tailored lead capture forms that collect information you can use to continue nurturing prospects.

The Anatomy Of Our High-Converting Landing Pages

  • 1. Attention-grabbing headline. Matches your PPC ad headlines.
  • 2. Supporting imagery. Visuals that communicate your offer.
  • 3. Bulleted lists. Highlight your differentiation and value proposition.
  • 4. Testimonials. Social proof builds trust and credibility fast.
  • 5. Clear call-to-action. Often a lead gen form – make it visible with contrasting color.
  • 6. Establish authority. Feature awards, media mentions, client logos.

We also implement advanced features like SMS/call tracking numbers and analytics scripts. This reveals precisely how visitors interact with your landing experience.

The result? A tailored landing page matching your PPC ads that guides visitors down the conversion path.

Benefit: Higher quality leads captured, ultimately driving increased ROI from PPC spend.

Tracking PPC Performance With Actionable Analytics

Sophisticated analytics provide insight into the strongest and weakest points of your PPC campaign. We help decipher key reports to uncover optimization opportunities.

A few examples of critical PPC metrics we monitor:

Click-Through-Rate (CTR) – % of impressions that resulted in a click. Low CTR signals issue with relevance or ad copy.

Bounce Rate – % that leave your site after landing page. High bounce rate indicates poor page experience.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) – Actual ad cost to acquire a conversion. Allows bid adjustments to hit ROI goals.

Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) – Revenue generated per dollar of ad spend. Maximizing ROAS boosts campaign profitability.

We also implement conversion tracking across your website to measure micro-conversions that bring visitors closer to a final sale. Examples include email sign-ups, content downloads, price quote requests and more.

These minor conversions serve as intermediate steps in your sales process. Each one contributes incremental value, so tracking them spotlight optimization areas otherwise going unnoticed.

Our consulting process translates analytics reports into prioritized actions tailored to your campaign goals. We also automate custom reports delivered to your inbox highlighting successes and next steps.

Additional PPC Services Driving Alpharetta SMB Success

The above covers the core foundations of a profitable PPC campaign. Additionally, we offer more advanced services:

Google Shopping Ads: Show product images/info for searchers ready to buy. Lower funnel tactic complements text ads.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion: Inserts search query into your ad copy automatically for more relevance. Boosts CTR significantly.

Device Bid Adjustments: Set different bids for mobile vs desktop traffic based on value. Improves cost efficiency.

Audience Targeting: Target PPC ads to custom groups on Facebook/Instagram for extra reach.

A/B Split Testing: Compare 2 versions of an ad element to determine a winner. Quickly optimize CTR and conversions.

Scripts: Apply automations to update bids, change budgets, turn ads off/on and more. Saves tons of manual hours.

These capabilities provide that extra edge to beat out the competition.

Our unique combination of cutting edge PPC tactics + dedicated management = the best chance of dominating the first page in Alpharetta for your must-win keywords.

Guaranteed First Page Rankings: Our Promise to Alpharetta SMBs

We issue a unique guarantee promising first page placement in Google for your most important Alpharetta targeting keywords.

For example, that may include industry keywords like “Alpharetta chiropractors” or service-line terms like “Alpharetta back pain specialists”.

If you aren’t ranking there within 60 days, we refund your fees entirely.

This pledge provides assurance when working with our Alpharetta PPC management team. We outright reject clients not committed to a long-term partnership, as lasting success requires perseverance through ongoing tests.

Our extensive paid search experience in Alpharetta gives us strong conviction we can live up to that guarantee by leveraging tactics like:

  • Data-driven negative keyword optimization
  • Ad testing on Google’s Display Network
  • Crafting localized ad copy
  • Mobile bid adjustments
  • Flexible call only campaigns
  • Rigorous A/B landing page testing

We want to become an extension of your marketing team. Your success directly fuels our own.

Are you ready to get your Alpharetta business found online?

Grow Your Business With Alpharetta’s Top Data-Driven PPC Agency

Raidious Marketing offers much more than a self-serve PPC software tool. Our customized management provides strategic direction tailored to your unique situation, assets and goals.

  • We won’t overwhelm you with PPC jargon and acronyms. We translate campaign analytics into prioritized, actionable recommendations focused on tangible outcomes aligned to your bottom line growth.
  • We help you set realistic expectations upfront based on the competitive landscape and your budget. No empty promises guaranteeing you unrealistic positions overnight.
  • Regular performance reporting details what’s working along with tests showing early signals worth expanding on. We spotlight trends plus benchmarks to guide budgets and bids.

You get a true partner looking out for YOUR best interests, not a faceless vendor focused solely on padding their margins.

Your Risk-Free First Step: Request a Free PPC & Web Audit

Unsure if your current website experience meets modern best practices for converting PPC traffic?

Let our team of certified web auditors provide an unbiased examination highlighting what’s working along with improvement opportunities.

Our audit helps you:

  • Pinpoint flaws causing visitors to leave without engaging
  • Spot site speed and navigation issues hurting SEO rankings
  • Identify higher converting layouts and page content

We’ll also analyze your current PPC accounts covering factors like:

  • Account structure
  • Campaign settings
  • Bidding strategies
  • Keyword theme alignment
  • Keyword coverage gaps
  • Reporting setup

Our findings report maps to a strategic roadmap for optimizing both pillars crucial to PPC success – your website AND ads.

This audit is completely free and carries no obligations.

We want to establish trust and demonstrate our expertise upfront before ever asking for your business.

Request Your Free PPC & Site Audit Here

Or give us a call at (770) 685-0982 to discuss your current paid search efforts and how we can help take them to the next level.

The first few businesses to enroll will receive preferred pricing locks along with 60 days of free ad management services after onboarding.

Don’t wait – talk to one of Alpharetta’s top PPC specialists today!

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