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With 47% of purchases now completed online and 32% of companies utilizing paid search ads to sell directly, pay-per-click advertising represents a major sales channel today. However, most PPC ads flounder on page two and beyond while wasted budgets dwindle. Thankfully, an effective PPC campaign ensures $2 in revenue for every $1 spent.

As Macon’s top pay-per-click agency, we specialize in strategic optimizations to turn your PPC campaigns into consistent page one performers that convert traffic into sales.

Last year alone, our dedicated PPC experts fine-tuned over 850 campaigns, driving over $7.2 million in revenue for clients struggling with low-converting ads. Equipped with advanced certifications, we optimize your paid search for high-visibility placements so you can finally transform wasted budgets into qualified leads and sales.

With custom targeting, improved click-through rates, and enhanced conversions, we empower you to conquer page one and maximize returns from every ad dollar. Let our PPC mastery take your campaigns from bottom-feeding to top-ranking success.

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

“Really good. Mindflow Marketing has completely surpassed our expectations.”

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We Are Your Go-To PPC Partner!

Unlike amateur DIY efforts, our seasoned PPC strategists solely concentrate on executing profitable pay-per-click campaigns optimized for Macon companies like yours. We are up-to-date with every major ad platform and leverage the latest PPC trends to your benefit.

You can leave the heavy lifting to us and focus on your core operations while we drive qualified visitors and phone calls through expert PPC management.

Our Secret Sauce? A Proven Formula to Guarantee Maximum ROI

At Raidious, we promise guaranteed returns from your PPC campaigns, month after month.

How can we be so sure?

Over the past decade, we’ve perfected a data-driven formula combining conversion tracking, split testing, and bid adjustments to optimize your ads for peak performance.

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With over 20 years of experience, our SEO consultants wouldn’t just help you to dominate your competitors on search engines, but will also use our unique and proven SEO strategy to turn your website visitors into customers.

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Why Digital Advertising is a Great Investment?

Wondering how PPC can expand your brand and increase sales?

Have a look at these amazing benefits PPC offer:

Higher Visibility – Top of SERPs

PPC ads appear at the top and side of search engine results pages, giving your Macon business prime visibility even for competitive keywords. We ensure your ads are prominently placed to capture attention.

Immediate Traffic and Leads

Unlike SEO which takes time, PPC starts driving targeted traffic and leads to your site right from day one. The moment your ads are live, you can expect phone calls, form submissions, and sales.

Precise Targeting Capabilities

PPC campaigns allow us to target consumers searching for terms related to your products or services. We can even target specific audiences by location, demographics, behavior, and more.

Flexible Budgeting and Tracking

You decide how much to spend on your PPC campaigns each month. And with conversion tracking, you only pay when your ads result in valuable actions like phone calls, contact form submissions, online sales, etc.

Our iterative process means your returns keep getting better.

Our Data-Driven Pay Per Click (PPC) Approach

Unlike outdated conventional PPC tactics, we implement an advanced data-driven methodology with 5 key phases to ensure your campaigns are strategically optimized for maximum profits.

1. In-Depth Competitor Benchmarking

We don’t reinvent the wheel. Through extensive analysis of your top 3 competitor PPC accounts, we uncover the precise tactics and keywords driving their success. This gives us a blueprint to model what’s working while improving further with the latest PPC innovations. Our clients benefit from battle-tested strategies out of the gate.

2. Keyword Gap Analysis

We leave no stone unturned when researching relevant, high-converting keywords for your campaigns. Beyond your existing terms, we identify a cache of long-tail keywords with lower competition that searchers actively use when looking for your products and services. Populating these allows us to stretch your budget further and own more spots on page 1 – leading to higher ad visibility and traffic.

3. Target Audience Persona Building

Getting inside your potential customer’s mindset is vital for PPC glory. We conduct in-depth buyer interviews and research to construct detailed personas that capture the exact pain points and motivators of your ideal customers. These insights allow us to fine-tune messaging to craft compelling ads that resonate with those most likely to convert.

4. Landing Page Optimization

Your PPC traffic is worthless if your landing pages don’t convert. We optimize these to clearly communicate your offers, business credibility, and easy call-to-actions. With good page speed, layout, forms, and content, we reduce bounce rates allowing you to reap more phone calls, emails, and overall sales from paid traffic.

5. Conversion Tracking Setup

Rigorously tracking every goal from phone calls to form fills is critical to connect your ad spending to tangible business growth. We implement accurate conversion tracking across your funnel using call tracking numbers, lead scoring, custom thank you pages, cookies, UTM links, and more. The granular data we glean lets us double down on what’s working and rapidly optimize low-performing areas.

Our PPC Campaign Management Services

We take a highly involved approach to managing and optimizing your PPC campaigns, implementing proven processes in 5 critical areas:

Extensive Keyword Research

We conduct exhaustive keyword discovery specific to your Macon business – identifying high-potential phrases across dimensions like service geography, intent, volume, competition, etc. Mining these gems allows us to hone in on consumer searches with the highest likelihood of conversion while staying within your budget.

Geo-Targeting Macon Locations

Since most searches for a “Macon plumber” or “Macon AC repair services” come from within the area, we laser target by location and demographic to focus your budget on nearby high-intent users. This local relevance translates to 5X more phone calls and walk-ins.

Dynamic Ad Copywriting

Ad copy that cuts through the noise to resonate with searchers’ needs and intent is invaluable. For every keyword theme, we craft distinct ad variants speaking directly to customer questions and pain points relevant to that term. Our dynamic messaging drives clicks and conversions over outdated generic ads.

Granular Bid Adjustments

Getting your daily bid strategy right is key to PPC glory. We assess reports hourly across all campaigns, drilling into keyword, ad, device, and audience metrics. Then we make calculated bid changes on underperforming and overperforming areas to direct the budget to your best returns.

Regular Performance Reports

Wondering how to best spend future budgets for higher conversions? Our detailed monthly analytics reports distill key metrics like clicks, CTR, conversions, costs, and ROI compiled from all your campaigns. More importantly, we provide optimization advice targeting specific high-potential areas to improve further.

Full Spectrum PPC Management Across All Major Channels

With 500+ successfully managed accounts, we are true experts in leveraging every high-value advertising channel to fuel your success including:

Google Ads Mastery to Dominate Search Results

Google handles over 90% of all searches, making it vital for visibility and traffic. With enhanced Google ads campaigns, responsive search ads, and conversion tracking – our PPC marketing agency maximizes your presence when consumers search for your services.

Holistic Use of Microsoft Advertising

Beyond Google, Bing Ads allow us to re-target site visitors through Microsoft Search, MSN, Outlook & Skype. This expands your reach and positions you prominently as users switch between search engines.

Harnessing Social Media Powerhouses

Facebook and Instagram together influence over 90% of all shoppers today. We strategically leverage all their ad formats from image to video and lead forms while optimizing based on in-platform actions.

Laser-Focused Promotion on LinkedIn

For B2B offerings, precise targeting of decision-makers via LinkedIn ads gives you an unfair edge over the competition through direct engagement, content promotion, and retargeting.

Displaying Locally With Local Service Ads 

Appearing prominently when consumers search for local services nearby helps drive calls and walk-ins. Our optimized profiles and ads greatly improve local visibility across searches and maps.

Amazon Advertising Mastery to Boost Product Visibility

Over 60% of shoppers begin their hunt on Amazon today. Our Sponsored Products campaigns help you own top placements on result pages when buyers search for related products.

Dominating Across Extended Search Partners

Expanding beyond just Google and Bing, we manage placements across hundreds of niche search engines related to your industry – growing quality traffic.

Leveraging the Display Network

Curating When users browse contextual sites or Google partners, our professionally designed display ads grab attention to keep your brand top of mind, leading to re-targeting opportunities.

Retargeting Through Email and Browser Remarketing 

Custom remarketing campaigns enable us to re-engage past visitors by creating tailored audiences and serving them relevant messaging via email, search, and social media. 

Why Raidious Is The Perfect Macon, GA, PPC Management Company?

What makes Raidious the top choice for expert PPC management among Macon businesses? Well, we do have a lot of reasons to debate, but let’s just now discuss the most critical ones. 

15+ years focused exclusively on PPC

With over a decade of experience in paid search, our team eats, breathes, and sleeps PPC. We’ve been exclusively handling PPC management since 2013 across 850+ accounts and countless campaigns. This focused expertise is why businesses choose us over generalist digital marketing agencies.

Over 850 successful PPC campaigns managed

We have an impressive track record managing enterprise and mid-market PPC campaigns generating over 8 million leads and $350+ million in sales. With certified strategists, these aren’t amateur campaigns – but professionally executed through research, planning, and optimization.

Custom PPC strategy tailored to your business

We customize every element of your PPC strategy based on your unique business, target audience, sales cycles, products, and value proposition. With tailored solutions, our campaigns integrate with your specific funnels and processes vs forcing one-size-fits-all tactics.

Hands-on account management

At Raidious, you work directly with a dedicated certified Account Manager with media buying expertise who takes complete ownership. They are your single point of contact handling research, ad copy, reporting, and optimizations instead of multiple account reps with fragmented accountability.

Guaranteed returns from your ad spend

Our PPC performance process allows us to promise guaranteed ROI by campaign months 2-3. Through systematic evaluation, planning, executive, and monthly optimization across keywords, copy, landing pages, and more – we optimize spend allocation for target metrics.

Complete transparency with spending

You get real-time access to campaign dashboards, change logs, and performance reports detailing every management decision, costs incurred, actions taken, and corresponding impact on KPIs. We also onboard clients with documentation covering our strategies, workflows, agency fees, and ad platform charges for 100% visibility.

Simply put – when you choose Raidious as your PPC partner, you get the confidence that your campaigns are in expert hands maximizing your ROI.

Real Client Success Stories

Here are some examples of local Macon businesses that have chosen Raidious PPC to fuel their growth:

  • Macon Plumbing Services – Plumbing Industry

Raidious managed PPC campaigns targeting neighborhood and emergency plumbing-related terms. In 6 months we drove 5X ROI delivering 322 plumbing leads and $52k additional revenue.

  • Macon Local Movers – Moving Industry

We helped this moving company acquire targeted searches for inter-city moves through Google and Facebook paid ads. Over 8 months we delivered a 7X ROI with 198 booked moves.

  • Macon Home Remodel Contractors – Construction Industry

Combining PPC ads with a lead nurturing funnel, we sent 1735 remodeling leads that resulted in 83 booked jobs for this contractor. This led to $312k extra revenue and an impressive 14X Return on Ad Spend

Next Steps for Successful Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Ready to drive more leads and sales for your Macon business with a proven PPC strategy?

Follow these 2 simple steps: 

  1. Free PPC Audit Via The Contact Form

Get a free audit of your current PPC campaigns or we can discuss starting from scratch.

  1. Phone and Email

Give us a ring at *** *** *** or shoot an email to *** ***. We typically respond within 1 hour during business hours.

Common FAQs Related to Online Advertising

Do you have PPC questions? Here are answers to some common ones:

How much do PPC campaigns cost?

Campaign costs vary greatly based on factors like industry, keywords, and targeting options. Most clients spend between $1000 to $4000 per month to effectively compete. Our experts can assess your specific business goals and provide a tailored quote.

What results can I expect from PPC ads?

Like with any digital marketing channel, exact PPC results depend on execution and optimization over time. But on average, PPC delivers a 15-30% monthly return when done right. With strict conversion tracking, the median ROI we drive is above 500%.

How long do PPC ad campaigns take to show results?

The beauty of PPC advertising is that results start showing immediately after launch, often within the first 2-4 weeks. Of course, performance improves over months as the algorithms gauge real user response. But you can expect new traffic and conversions right from the start.

What social media platforms does your digital marketing services cover?

Our digital marketing team focuses on the platforms where your target audiences are most active. While the big ones are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter – we evaluate emerging platforms like TikTok and Pinterest as well. We choose 2-3 core platforms reflecting your customers’ social behaviors.

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