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Social media isn’t just for millennials posting selfies – it’s becoming an essential part of doing business in any industry. But many Macon business owners don’t have the expertise or time to effectively market themselves on these ever-changing platforms. That’s where we come in!

Raidious is Macon’s top-rated digital marketing agency specializing in customized social media marketing services for local businesses.

We handle your entire social media marketing so you can focus on core business operations while we attract more customers. Our full social media plans include crafting strategies, creating content, managing communities, running ads, and analyzing performance.

With an expert in-house marketing team and 15 years of hands-on experience, we’ve helped 100+ brands in Macon improve their brand awareness, engagement, leads, and sales through social media!

Our affordable plans meet any budget!

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

“Really good. Mindflow Marketing has completely surpassed our expectations.”

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Why Social Media Marketing Matters For Businesses In Macon?

There are 4.89 billion social media users worldwide in 2023, and 97% of all online consumers access social media at least once a month!

A great amount right?

See, this stat now!

75% of internet users use social media to research brands, and 71% of consumers who had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to others!

So why not leverage this great power of social media to elevate your brand’s presence and expand its customer base?

With billions of active users, social media allows for unmatched opportunities to build brand awareness, engage potential customers, drive website traffic, and capture leads!

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Soar Through The Skies With Our Expert Social Media Marketing Services!

Benefits of working with Raidious for your social media marketing include:

Increased Brand Awareness

Our creative social media campaigns are designed to get your brand and messaging in front of your ideal local customers consistently. We utilize a mix of organic content and strategic paid advertising that makes people take notice.

Improved Customer Engagement

It’s not enough to simply present your brand to people via social media. You have to get them to like, comment, share, and participate. Our Macon social media experts excel at creating viral and interactive campaigns that convert passive viewers into engaged brand advocates.

More Website Traffic & Leads

Every great social media presence needs to drive traffic back to your site for lead gen and sales. Our conversion-optimized profiles and campaigns ensure maximum website clicks and traffic so you can capture customer contact info for email, phone calls or physical visits.

Competitive Edge

In 2023, not having a professional social media marketing strategy puts you at a major disadvantage against competitors. Our cutting-edge services empower you to surpass rivals with better brand connection and reach via multiple platforms.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Raidious Digital Marketing handles every aspect of orchestrating and managing successful social media marketing campaigns uniquely customized for Macon businesses like yours. Our comprehensive services include:

Social Media Strategy Development

The foundation of any effective social presence is a clearly defined strategy aligned with your business goals. Our strategic services include:

Research & Goal-Setting

We dive into your brand, competitors, customers and objectives to craft social media goals that drive growth. Are you prioritizing brand awareness? Generate Leads? Or Customer engagement levels? This discovery process helps us craft strategies and benchmarks for measuring campaign success down the road.

Competitor Analysis

We conduct in-depth audits examining your rival local brands’ social media presence and activity. This reveals your business’s strengths and weaknesses to model and improve upon with your own tailored strategy.

Audience Identification

Defining your target customer demographics and psychographics is essential for engagement. We identify exactly who you serve locally and the best way to craft social media content that resonates with their preferences.

Social Media Platform Evaluation & Selection

Every brand doesn’t need an active presence on all social media sites. Based on your goals and audience, we determine which platforms deserve focus and resources for optimal results.

Marketing Plan Development

Finally, we compile our findings and recommendations from the strategic planning process into a concrete social media marketing plan for execution. This living document acts as your social media playbook.

Social Media Management/Page Management

Once the strategy is set, we handle all day-to-day management of your brand’s social media presence including:

Social Media Account Setup & Optimization

First things first, we properly set up your branded business accounts on select platforms for maximum visibility and impact. This includes designing eye-catching profiles, cover photos, and pinned content so you put your best foot forward.

Engaging Content Creation/Graphic Design

Content is king when it comes to social media marketing. On a consistent calendar, we conceptualize, produce, and publish blog articles, videos, graphics, and other content that captures attention and sparks engagement.

Community Building & Engagement

Simply distributing content is not enough either. We actively respond to comments, messages, reviews, and any customer feedback across your social channels. This community management helps convert casual visitors into brand ambassadors.

Reputation Monitoring

We also monitor what others are saying about your brand proactively through social media alerts and listening. This allows for quick responses to customer service issues or negative reviews before they spiral.

Analyzing & Reporting

Each month you receive custom performance reports summarizing key social media metrics like followers, reach, engagement, clicks, conversions, and more. This reporting allows us to constantly optimize what content and strategies are working best.

Social Media Advertising

Organic, unpaid social media tactics deliver results, but putting some paid promotion behind posts exponentially increases eyeballs. Our team executes and manages the full process of social media ad campaigns across various platforms:

Ad Campaign Development

First, we work with you to establish campaign objectives, budgets, targets, and creative concepts that will resonate best with your target audience.

Audience Targeting

The beauty of paid social media advertising is the ability to narrowly target who specifically sees your ads based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and more. This increases relevance, click-through rates, and conversions vs untargeted ads.

Budgeting & Bidding

We also determine monthly paid social budgets that make sense for your business and set initial bids to optimize ad distribution and cost efficiency.

Ad Testing & Optimization: 

No ad campaign is perfect out the gates. We constantly A/B test different versions of copy, visuals, calls-to-action, and placements, then double down on what performs best.

Performance Analysis: 

You receive detailed campaign performance reports highlighting impressions, engagement, click-through rates, cost per result, and return on ad spend so we can gauge success and fine-tune.

Additional Social Media Services We Offer In Macon

Beyond the core strategy, management, and advertising services outlined above, Raidious also provides other Macon social media services including:

Influencer Marketing

In addition to directly engaging customers through your branded channels, we identify and partner with relevant local social media influencers, bloggers, and brand ambassadors to expand third-party endorsements and awareness.

Social Media Selling

Social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are extremely effective business development and sales tools. Our social selling tactics help you directly connect with, advertise to, and close sales with lucrative prospects.

Social Media Customer Service

An often overlooked aspect of social media marketing is providing customer service and addressing issues where they happen – on social media. Our experts manage online reviews, questions, complaints and more to protect your reputation.

Why Choose Raidious?

When it comes to investing in professional social media marketing services for your Macon business, you have options. Here is what sets Raidious Digital Marketing apart as your best local partner:

Local Social Media Marketing Experts

Our entire team calls Macon our home and takes pride in helping local brands we personally care about succeed. The social media marketing strategies for national corporations don’t necessarily work at the local level. We intimately understand the dynamics of marketing locally and achieving results for Macon businesses specifically.

Access to a Full In-House Team

We are not a one-person show. With a full staff of social media strategists, community managers, content creators, advertising specialists, and reporting analysts in-house, you enjoy convenient access to experts across every marketing discipline for stellar results across all major platforms.

Ongoing Page Management

You are assigned a dedicated Account Manager upon onboarding who gets to know your brand inside and out. This single point of contact guides the overarching strategy and execution of campaigns, allowing for tailored service based on your ever-evolving needs and goals.

Customized Strategies

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for social media marketing. Our meticulously customized strategies, content calendars, and ad campaigns are designed specifically for your brand personality, products, audience, competitors, and objectives. What works for one business rarely works for all.

Complete Performance Reporting

Wondering if all the social media marketing effort is paying dividends? Our detailed performance reports quantify campaign impact across every key metric – impressions, engagements, website traffic, leads, sales activity, and ROI. We tweak initiatives based on results.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Plans

We offer tiered social media packages to match any monthly budget. And your level of investment is directly correlated with tangible results – the more you invest the greater the return through expanded services. We also offer pay-for-performance arrangements where you only pay based directly on campaign performance.

We Manage All Types Of Social Media Platforms!

While we design comprehensive social media strategies encompassing every popular network, these core platforms typically provide the highest ROI for Macon’s small businesses based on their unique strengths:

Facebook Marketing

With over 3 billion daily active users, Facebook is ideal for consumer-focused brands wanting to improve awareness and engagement. Our Facebook managers:

  • Manage Pages to share sales, events, content, and community updates
  • Run conversion Facebook ads to capture more leads and sales

Instagram Marketing

Instagram’s visually-driven feed excels for lifestyle brands wanting to showcase products and build influencer collaborations. Here’s what our Instagram services incorporate:

  • Sharing high-quality photos and videos to highlight products
  • Implementing promotions with relevant influencers to expose products

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn’s professional user base makes it perfect for B2B, financial, and other serious brands needing lead generation. We:

  • Publish thought leadership articles to establish expertise
  • Run LinkedIn ad campaigns targeting key decision-makers by industry

YouTube Marketing

YouTube presents incredible opportunities for demonstrative businesses to engage audiences through videos. Our YouTube marketing specialists:

  • Produce video tutorials, testimonials, and product explainer videos
  • Promote best-performing videos through TrueView in-stream ads

We market over emerging networks like TikTok too.

Client Testimonials

Raidious Digital Marketing is proud to fuel incredible social media success stories for dozens of Macon businesses across various industries. Here is what just a few of our clients have to say:

“Raidious took over our social media marketing during a pivotal business growth phase when we simply didn’t have the in-house expertise or bandwidth to manage platforms effectively. The entire team immediately grasped our unique branding and target audience. 6 months later, our social following and engagement have absolutely exploded. More importantly, the inbound leads and sales driven from social continue rising each month, proving an incredible marketing ROI.”Steve Davis, Owner of Macon Copy Shop

“As a small local boutique, we relied heavily on word-of-mouth and in-person interactions to drive sales for over a decade. But Raidious opened our eyes to immense possibilities through social media marketing. Implementing their data-backed social strategy rocketed website traffic 300% in 3 months. Our Instagram following doubled during that stretch thanks to their content. We keep having new customers mention they discovered us through social. Partnering with Raidious gives us confidence that boutique can successfully coexist digitally alongside national retailers.”Jennifer Lewis, Founder of Jenny’s Boutique Fashions

“Competing in Macon real estate demands creativity and innovation to capture prospects’ eyes. I’ll admit that we struggled for years with unsuccessful attempts to market myself on social media. After Raidious redesigned our Facebook Business page and took over content and advertising duties, our lead gen and listings exploded seemingly overnight. They clearly understand how to best resonate in an oversaturated industry on social platforms. I recommend their services to any agent seeking a marketing edge.”Brad Coleman, Realtor at Coleman Real Estate Group

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Let Raidious build your social presence from the ground up or enhance your existing efforts to drive more traffic, leads and sales starting today!

We offer flexible and cost-effective packages to meet any local business goals and budget.

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